Highflying Personality Type

Are you a high-flyer?

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Habitomic Journalist
Highflying Personality Type

In facing habits, we have different people with different kinds of personalities. This includes high-flying, planner, and heart-follower personalities.

Those with a thinker or high-flying personality tend to be mentally active, constantly questioning and ponding. They try to learn new skills in their job and social responsibilities are important for them. Also, they are motivated by science and knowledge.

They always try to be more productive, looking for healthy living, looking to improve their position in the workplace, especially women trying to empower themselves, self-development, etc.

Personality traits of high-fliers

High-fliers have some features including:

1. Highly organized

High-flyers are those people who are actively working toward their objectives in the outside world. These high performers frequently have several projects going at once, all with different deadlines. Not to mention the fact that these people undoubtedly need to combine their personal lives with their work. This includes spending time with family and scheduling personal pursuits like going to the gym, going to social events, or running errands regularly.

It pays to be extremely organized to complete all of this, and these people are masters in time management and organizational abilities.

2. Detail-oriented

This is frequently the secret ingredient to a high-flyer’s success. While ordinary people are content with simply getting the job done, the high-flyer demands excellence. It is because this person is willing to put in the extra effort to go the extra mile. It entails staying late to make minor adjustments after everyone else has gone home or been meticulous because they understand the distinction between 99% and 100% correct.

3. Clear communicator

In business, the ability to communicate effectively is critical. This includes communicating a thoughtful and resounding message to customers, collaborating with and sharing ideas with team members, and interacting professionally with supervisors and decision-makers.

Maintaining clear and open communication can mean the difference between finishing the project on time and having to explain delays caused by rookie mistakes and misunderstandings, making your team appear inept. High-flyers are masters at communicating their message clearly and ensuring that it is understood.

4. Passionate

These are not the type of people who come in and then sit around for eight hours before going home to play video games. High-flyers genuinely enjoy their work, and it shows. They have a burning desire that gets them out of bed every morning and keeps them going all day.

This is something very important to them and who they are as people. They have a deep connection to the activity that goes right to the heart of who they are.

5. Competitive

While some people are content with putting in the bare minimum of effort, great achievers must exceed. This desire comes from within. It is a part of them. They must give their all in all they do if they are to achieve.

These people are not satisfied with participation awards. They must win. This motivates them every day. Their competitive nature is beneficial since they will continually strive for a competitive advantage.

6. Solution-based thinkers

One of the key differences between high-flyers and others is how they cope with issues. Rather than wasting time and energy discussing the problem or how they feel about it, they devote their efforts to finding a solution. Sitting around the water cooler whining about the situation or attempting to assign blame will never fix the problem. The only way out of the situation is to concentrate on solving it.

High-fliers have some more characteristics too. Like:

  • They are idealistic people
  • Have a self-criticism
  • Are a rational and logical person
  • Motivated by endeavors that increase their knowledge and competence
  • Enjoy control over their direction and seek intellectually interesting work
  • Enjoy challenges

Final thoughts

How many of these characteristics do you recognize in yourself? Which ones would you like to expand on? If you want to be a high-flyer, these are the qualities you must develop and cultivate along the way.

Begin today by selecting one attribute and considering how you may incorporate it into your daily life. Choose a different trait to focus on tomorrow and continue until you’ve gone through the entire list. Again, high-flyers are constant, therefore engage in this activity daily.

Once you’ve completed the list the first time, go over it again, this time looking for ways to improve previous efforts. Keep in mind that true high-fliers try to develop daily. Continue to strive for new heights.

Also, the Habitomic app breaks down the habit into tiny and mighty ones and can help you to start with a small positive step, and with Metis (the Habitomic chatbot assistance) you can find your priority.