About Us

Building a New Habit can be challenging, but it gets easier when you have a habit-forming friend along the journey. That is how Habitomic came to life.


Legal Name: Habitomic Coach Inc.

Headquarter: Toronto, Canada

Founded: 2021

Team Size: +7 employees


Hi! I am Mana the co-founder and CEO of Habitomic. Between the busy schedules of work and life, my desire to build new habits to improve my lifestyle always took a back seat. During the pandemic, when the boredom of quarantine was at an all-time high, there was a lack of interaction and the disruption of normalcy was affecting our lifestyles, Hamid, Hannaneh, and I. We had a burning desire to make the best use of our time and start to build new long-lasting, life-improving habits.


We searched the web extensively for apps and programs that would understand our individual personalities and needs and help us develop and maintain new habits. Our search led us to the realization that the best way to form new habits is through mini-habits. Unable to find an app that was highly customized, personalized, and individualized we put our creative thinking hats on, and lo and behold Habitomic was born.


Habitomic helps you break down your habit goals into smaller, achievable mini-habits and helps you master those tiny behaviors that lead to remarkable results.


Mini habits help you achieve a sense of accomplishment sets realistic achievable small goals and can help you form a long-lasting new habit with a step-by-step approach. With the help of our human psychologists, behavioral therapists, and your very own intelligent chat assistant Metis, we are here to help you transform your habits.


The Habitomic app is based on psychometric tests. We all have different needs, desires, and goals and a one size fits all approach does not lead to success. Through personality-based habit evaluation tests, we help individuals find, build and maintain new habits, with recommendations and communication tailored to their individual needs. Customized programs are designed to help you monitor your progress and reward yourself all in one simple app.

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