Let’s Talk About Our Features

Hi I’m Mana
Your personal Assistant

Chat with Mana, your motivator and habit-crafting companion who presents you with the most suitable choices! Your path to a better you starts with a simple chat!

Pool of Habits
& Mini habits

You have the choice to pick or personalize your habits. Enjoy the freedom to select habits tailored to your preferences, providing a customized and flexible approach to your routine. 

Life-Changing Insights

I'm with you on your journey, Sometimes we solve the problems, sometimes you let me know what you need and sometimes I introduce your peers to you.

Sharp Habit

Choose when and how often you want to tackle habits, set up personalized reminders, and transform your habit-building into a structured and efficient one.

Insightful Habit

Track habits, measure streaks, and ride the waves of productivity. Level up, unlock achievements, and receive badges on your path to success.

Habit Hub:
Daily Delight

A delightful snapshot of your habits and their status. Each habit is color-coded based on its level, displaying the frequency and completion progress. 

Personal Growth

Chronicle daily insights, monitor your growth, and unveil patterns in your quest for personal development.