Activate your imagination

Habitomic Journalist
Habitomic Journalist

To learn how to play with the magic of your thoughts, you need to understand the power of your imagination. So first let’s consider three different types of imagination.

  1. Projective imagination

The first type of imagination is projective imagination.

Projective imagination is when you consciously desire something through your imagination, and then you plan in a conscious way to turn the imagination into physical existence.

For instance, you don’t have a diploma from the university that you always liked — your diploma only exists in your imagination. With this imagination, you begin to picture how you will achieve that, and how this image is going to become a physical reality, namely a diploma in your hands.

  1. Creative imagination

The second type of imagination is creative imagination.

Creative imagination (CI) in simple terms is the formation of new and unique ideas in your mind. These may seem out of blue or have a thin link with actual ideas. These are not necessarily about art, music, writing, craft, etc. It’s about how you apply your imagination in any field of work you do. These include science, business, politics, etc. It is more about the process than the finished product or goal.

  1. Receptive imagination

The third type of imagination is receptive imagination.

For this type, it is a flash of insight, a dream, or a vision that just arises into your mind, the origins of which are unknown. A new idea somehow pops up spontaneously.

This is the imagination that comes to you, and you receive it, and you don’t know where it came from. Those imaginations — ideas, inspirations, or visions that you receive — also can influence you in what you do.

Techniques to activate your imaginative

Now let’s do some exercises about using your imagination.

1. Imagine yourself with some details. Don’t hesitate to dream.

2. Write down your goals. For each of the goals, one at a time, imagine yourself having reached that goal, and imagine yourself working to reach that goal.

Close your eyes and spend a good amount of time imagining yourself in that way.

What will you do? And what will you need to change from the way you are?

3. Write your plan for becoming that person regularly and systematically, starting today. Planning is about turning imagination into reality. A good plan includes all three types of imagination.

4. Every day, every week, do a bit. These goals are objects of consciousness that are products of your imagination.

Transformation begins with imagination.

Another technique is this:

  1. Visit a bookshelf and read a handful of titles, then step inside a museum, art gallery, music room, or dance hall.
  2. Notice the titles, colors, sounds, textures, and movements that make you feel good.
  3. While feeling good, answer this question, “If I could do anything today, eat anything, go anywhere, talk to anyone; what would I do?”
  4. Use this technique to reach and exceed your goals using the creative and effective solutions you suddenly come up with.

In conclusion, these are different steps you might take to activate and use your imagination to reach your goals.

So, imagine, create your plan, empower your plan, and let your plan give you power.