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Habitomic Journalist
Habitomic Journalist
reading books

As all of us know, reading is an essential habit that can help us improve our knowledge, increase our vocabulary, and enhance our imagination.

However, in this busy life that we have, it can be challenging to find the time and motivation to read regularly.

I tried some ways and succeed in at least reading 2 books in a month. In this blog, I decided to tell you the most practical ways that I got for reading more books.

 My experiences in reading more books:

If you’re struggling to read more books, here are some tips that can help you:

1. Set a reading goal:

Decide how many books you want to read in a certain time and make it a goal.

At the beginning of each year, I make a list of the books I want to read and prioritize them. Then I divide them into each month’s goals. You can even change this list later.

Also, at the beginning of every month, I write the number and name of books that I want to read from my list. This helps to record the number of books I can read each month and remind me what should I do.

Note that be realistic with your reading goals and don’t set yourself up for failure by setting unrealistic expectations.

2. Make time for reading:

This point is very important. You should schedule time for reading in your daily routine. It can be before bed, during your commute, or on your lunch break.

I always read some pages of my book before bed. It’s better to use and work with your phone.

3. Reduce distractions:

Eliminate distractions such as social media, TV, or phone notifications when you are reading.

4. Join a book club:

Joining a book club can motivate you to read more and provide an opportunity for discussion and sharing of ideas.

You can even share your ideas about books you’ve read on social media. This is a good motivation for me.

5. Use audiobooks:

If you have a busy schedule, consider using audiobooks to listen to books while doing other tasks. Most of the time, I listen to podcasts and audiobooks when I’m going to work.

But on the way back home, I prefer to listen to music. ­čÖé

6. Read books you enjoy:

Choose books that interest you and that you will enjoy reading. This will make it easier to stay motivated and committed to your reading goal.

You know, it’s like a movie. You may not like a movie that everyone likes. Just like many books.

So, find your interest and just read them. Don’t be afraid to quit a book you’re not enjoying.

7. Keep a reading log:

Track the books you read and your progress toward your reading goal. This can help you stay motivated and keep track of what you have read.

I myself, use the Habitomic app to track my habit success. I suggest you try it.

8. Take breaks:

It’s important to take breaks and not force yourself to read if you’re not in the mood. Taking a break can help you recharge and come back to reading with renewed energy.

In conclusion, reading is an enriching habit that can help you expand your knowledge and imagination.┬áSometimes it’s hard to have a reading habit. That’s okay. Because it happens to everyone. So don’t regret yourself. Instead, try these tips and I’m sure you’ll succeed.